Google Pixel 4 XL Vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus:

Which one should be preferred:

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and Google Pixel 4 plus are two new flagships of 2019. Both of them are starting at 899$ but are way different from each other. We know you guys must have already read a lot about S10 plus and the all-new Google Pixel 4 XL so without further delay let’s get straight to our topic.

Google Pixel 4 XL Vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Performance:

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and Google Pixel 4 plus both are the best devices currently being offered by the brands. If we do a direct comparison we can see that Samsung’s S10 plus is the winner. The S10 Plus has 2GB more RAM than the Google Pixel 4Xl, as a result, the S10 plus will show better results in terms of gaming and task handling. Both devices come with almost the same processing power as both come with the same octa-core processors. Samsung also uses its Exynos 9820 chipset in the S10 series, which is an octal core chipset and performs better than QUALCOMM chipsets. But according to our reviewing team 8GB RAM is good but Pixel 4XL’s 6GB ram is still acceptable as it can and will perform great in most demanding games!

Here is a quick benchmark score for both the devices

Google Pixel 4 XL Vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus:
Google Pixel 4 XL Vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus:
Google Pixel 4 XL Vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus:
Google Pixel 4 XL Vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus:

*above mentioned are multicore scores

Google Pixel 4 XL Vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Display:

Samsung Galaxy S10+ is the winner, to be honest. I am not being one-sided but let’s have a look at display features of the Pixel 4XL. It’s packed with

  • O-LED panel
  • A forehead above the screen
Google Pixel 4 XL Vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus wallpaper:
Google Pixel 4 XL Vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus:

Now let’s talk about Samsung:

  • Amoled Display
  • A pill like a hole, no notch, no forehead

Samsung’s AMOLED display provides full of vivid colors and an amazing bright display.

Simply Samsung’s display doesn’t need any introduction

google pixel 4 xl vs10 plus wallpaper
Google Pixel 4 XL Vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus:

The pixel 4XL with a price tag of 900$ approximately hasn’t got an AMOLED display, not only us but every tech expert was expecting an AMOLED panel at such a price tag. Pixel 4XL’s 90 Hz display still makes the display smooth while browsing Instagram or Facebook.

So we prefer S10+ when it comes to displaying.

Google Pixel 4 XL Vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Design:

Both devices are remarkable when it comes to design. Samsung uses glossy glass back’s which results in rainbow-like colors which make the device gorgeous and simply beautiful. If you buy the blue colored S10+ you don’t just get to see blue, you will get to see a pinkish color shade as well, and yeah that’s Samsung’s design for its competitors, even if it was done before by various brands, but they usually messed that up by adding way more colors which may look good but deep inside we know that’s more than what we needed.

samsung Galaxy S10 Plus wallpaper:
Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus wallpaper

Google brings constantly unique ideas, as opposed to glass they used Mattel for the back of the device and with an aluminium frame and possibly give off an impression of being fundamental and sure it is but then it basically looks amazing. They didn’t end there, for the quality, they will never bargain so’s the way they made sense of it marvellous to use some impressive concealing like “we should use white-toned force button for the black Pixel 4XL”, this would possibly seem, by all accounts, to be an unobtrusive detail yet when in doubt, it is essentially faltering, It’s imperative to make reference to that the in case you buy the Pixel 4XL in dull the shade you recover a smooth glass, the fundamental pixel with glass back is the one in dim shade

Google Pixel 4 XL Vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus:
Google Pixel 4 XL


Samsung might take lead in the display, but here it’s Google’s turn, Even if the Pixel 4XL comes with only 2 cameras and a laser focus as compared to the 3 cameras of Samsung Galaxy S10+ but with these 2 cameras the Pixel 4 XL can do things that Samsung can’t. Although it doesn’t come with any wide-angle lens instead Google thought “way too many wide-angle devices let go for telephoto, telephoto is the future” some of you might not know what telephoto lens is so here is a short introduction; it is focus lens whose focal length is larger than the physical length of the lens. Do we need that on a mobile camera? Google used some extra brain there I guess.

Still, the Low light mode of Google Pixel 4 is just marvellous and at the same time it provides the best portrait mode than any other mobile camera

Other Features:

We won’t take too much of your time, well will cover what’s remaining here so let’s begin!

Audio jack:   According to Google maybe this is old school technology and no one uses it so they don’t bother adding a small 3.5mm audio jack on their devices, while Samsung even this is the 11 generation of S series still added an audio jack giving hope to its users that they care.

Under-Screen Fingerprint: New technology still under development and is getting better day by day, maybe Google is waiting until it gets fully developed, and we will soon get a fingerprint on pixel series but wait we are not making fun of them. They have added something that is yet not available on any device, the motion sensor, the motion sense simple detects you nearby and as it finds your face it unlocks at the same second, you will feel like you had put it on the table unlocked and just picked it up

Samsung has added an under-screen fingerprint scanner on its S10+ it’s not that fast but yeah it’s there. Be careful while putting force on the scanner, you want your finger recognized, you don’t want the screen broken, just kidding its conical guerrilla glass 6, it can’t be broken unless you want to break it. Samsung also comes with a fast face recognition system it unlocks in just a blink of an eye.

Quick Specs:

Samsung Galaxy S10+ Google Pixel 4XL
Android 9.0 Android 10.0
6.4-inch AMOLED
3040×1440 (19:9)
6.3-inch OLED 3040×1440 (19:9) 90Hz
Octa-core chipset Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 855 – Pixel Neural Core
128/512GB 64 GB or 128 GB
12 MP, 12 (telephoto) 16 MP (ultrawide) and 10 MP Front Camera wide angle 12 MP Dual-Pixel & 16 MP Telephoto and 8 MP Front facing with wide angle support

Which one should you buy?

This is a very difficult decision, it really is, and here both the devices are great, whichever device you buy it doesn’t matter because you will enjoy the device that you will buy and won’t have any complaints or you won’t regret at all

Yeah, there are some missing features but once you get your hands on anyone from above you will forget those missing features.

Now, which one should you buy? The answer is what you like the most for example battery, let’s say you like a device that lasts longer then you should go for Samsung as it has a better battery life than Google right?.

Similarly, if you are a guy who doesn’t spend a lot of time on mobiles and still want a good looking and well-performing device than nothing is better than the Google Pixel 4 XL. So make a decision and go for it!

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Google Pixel 4XL :

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus:

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