Samsung’s Affordable 4K curved display:

Samsung’s Affordable 4K curved
Samsung’s Affordable 4K curved

Samsung 7-series; UHD 4K smart TV under $800

Looking for a Curved Display? The first name that your mind catches is Samsung’s Affordable 4K curved because they are best when it comes to displaying technology. Most you might have seen the curved display led TV’s but you don’t think of buying them as they are expensive and even if you are able to find a cheap or affordable curved display you will find out that it lacks all the features that modern TV should have.

Well, no more worries as we are here with just what you need!

Samsung’s 7-series RU7300 is a smart 4K UHD TV series is something you should check out if you are willing to a buy smart TV

Before we head towards review let’s check out some specifications this TV  comes with.

Samsung’s Affordable 4K curved Quick Specs

Samsung’s Affordable 4K curved
Samsung’s Affordable 4K curved
Screen Size 55’’, 65’’
HDMI\USB PORTS 3/2+1(component video)
Resolution 4K UHD with Upscaling
Ultra-Viewing angle YES

Smart TV interface AND one remote

Samsung’s Affordable 4K curved
Samsung’s Affordable 4K curved

The RU7300 comes with all those features that a modern TV should have. The TV comes with an easy to use and user-friendly interface that can help the user to navigate through the features and use the TV easily. You can directly access some major content like live news, and similar other channels are available on-screen from where you can access them directly.

Samsung’s Affordable 4K curved One remote:

Connected more devices? Well, Samsung’s one remote helps you access or work with these devices easily as it can automatically detect any compatible device connected to the TV.

Samsung’s Affordable 4K curved
Samsung’s Affordable 4K curved

Compatible with Apple Apps:

Yeah, you heard it right, Samsung’s this TV is compatible with AppleTV. The TV comes with the Apple TV app (built-in app). For the first time, Samsung has added an Apple app to its TV and you can subscribe to channels, buy movies, through this app.

Samsung’s Affordable 4K curved

Resolution and the Display:

The 4K TV supports 4K with upscaling, as a result, you will a fully crispy image as compared to other 4K TVs. The TV comes with an auto depth enhancer that automatically detects different regions of the image and sets the contrast for them for a better and clearer picture. As a result of this everything you see will be in detail and will appear natural. Still not enough? No problem the TV also comes with HDR technology and as a result, you will get to see more natural colors than a normal HDTV.

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The TV’s slim bezels and the curved display will double the fun of all these features!

Alexa and Google Assistant Compatible:

The TV comes with support for both Alexa and Google Assistant. As a result, you will be able to use your TV easily just imagine not using for even turning off the TV when you can do it by just Alexa or assistant to do that for you!

Samsung’s Affordable 4K curved

Better Gaming Experience:

TV has everything that is needed for a better gaming experience. Curved display with 4K resolution and upscaling are all that gamers need!. Experience having a battlefield around you or just think about any racing games, you will feel like you are the one who’s driving!

All this is possible because of the curved design and full 4K resolution of the TV. It is compatible with all platforms and PC.

Coming to the most difficult question:

Should You buy it? The answer is simple, If you are looking for a 4K UHD smart TV with all the features a modern TV should have then this is the best choice for you. It has everything a smart TV should have!

If we have a look at other brands they might be offering some good features at a lower price point but they also have missing features (like Alexa compatibility, 4K with upscaling, etc.

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