Top CAMERA Accessories for Photographers in 2020

Photography is a passion and a field that almost everyone is a fan of it. None of us would want a picture that makes you look ugly. So, everyone tries their level best to capture the best picture of their or anything, for example, beautiful scenery. And when you capture a good-looking picture, you will sort of feel proud of yourself and you will consider yourself a good photographer even if you are not. When it comes to good photography a camera and lens won’t be enough. There are a lot of gadgets and accessories that help you capture pictures a lot better and trust me you won’t regret buying these items even if you are not a professional photographer. So, without further ado here we are with top camera accessories you must have in 2020 if you are a professional photographer and if you aren’t a professional photographer!

*Note that all the items mentioned are compatible with any DSLR. Those items which are compatible to an only one device or brand are not mentioned. A new article will be soon posted for such items!


Tripods are very important when it comes to professional photography. They play a major role in while capturing a video or Picture with perfect stability

Here are some good tripods you must buy for best photography

1.      GEEKOTO Camera Tripod 75’’:

Top CAMERA Accessories
Top CAMERA Accessories

The Geekoto 75’’ camera tripod is a professional photographic tripod. It simply has all you would need for professional photography. The center column can be rotated 360-degree horizontally for Low angle photography. The ball joint provides a smooth 360-degree rotation for perfect panorama shots. The solid alloy tube can handle any type of camera easily with any breaks or damages. The Geekoto tripod can be transformed into a monopod or a walking stick by just unscrewing the central axis screw.

2.      MACTREM Professional Camera Tripod:

Top CAMERA Accessories
Top CAMERA Accessories

This tripod can go as high as 62.5” and also comes with a mobile phone mount. Mactrem’s tripod supports full 360-degree rotation for perfect panoramic shots. The tripod can handle up to 15 Kilos of weight so you can attach any type of camera with any lens without any fear of getting it broken. The Mactrem’s tripod supports 180-degree angle lock and the mid column can be turned upside down with 2-3 steps so that you may take the best macro photos you want. Just like other tripods, the mainstream tripod is only 1.31 kilos and 17” folding length making it easier to carry. The MACTREM tripod comes with a mobile phone mount and a carry bag

3.      UBeesize 60-inch Camera Tripod:

Top CAMERA Accessories

The UBeesize camera tripod is an affordable camera tripod that goes up to 60’’ in length and can handle up to 5kilos of weight. It supports all camera’s, any camera by any brand. Just like the previous tripod, this tripod also supports 360-degree rotation with great stability for panorama shots. It also has 90-degree portrait support for the perfect portrait pictures. The tripod comes with Bluetooth remote compatible with both android and IOS to capture your images with just a press of a button and. It is pretty easy to carry as it weighs only 1.5 kilos and 17.2’’ folding length. *Yes, it does come with a carry bag and extra accessories.

4.      AmazonBasics Lightweight Camera Mount Tripod:

Top CAMERA Accessories

High features very low price, trust me or not, but the AmazonBasics tripod is one of the best tripods you can find. It fulfills all the needs of photography at a price. All the 3 legs can be adjusted and locked at different sizes. Supports 360-degree rotation for perfect panorama pictures. And has a 3-way head that can help in capturing best portrait or landscape photos. I would have marked it number 1 on this list, but it’s not suitable with all DSLR cameras, that is heavier and doesn’t support all devices like mobile phones. Other than that, it is one of the best options you have when it comes to a camera tripod.

Memory Cards:

Capturing photos, recording HD photos are fun and you keep on capturing as many photos you can without any worries if you have a good memory. The better the memory card, the faster the data writing, and reading.

So, here are some great memory cards that are perfect for perfect photography;

1.      Samsung  100MB/s (U3) MicroSDXC EVO:

Top CAMERA Accessories

The Samsung micro SD is the best selling (on amazon) micro SD card for all devices from mobile cameras to DSLR or digital cameras or any device that supports micro SD cards. This card has a 100 MB/s reading speed and a 90 MB/s writing speed. That’s all you would need for high-resolution photos and videos of any length. You get an SD adapter for cameras and laptops with this micro SD card.

2.      Lexar Professional 1000x:

Top CAMERA Accessories

Lexar Professional 1000x is a high-end SD card that supports file reading speed of 150 MB/s.  It also has a high-speed data transfer between the card and a computer\laptop. With a huge storage record 4k videos without any low storage issues.

3.      SanDisk  Extreme PRO SDXC:

Top CAMERA Accessories
Top CAMERA Accessories

The SanDisk Extreme Pro supports data transfer speed up to 170MB/s (with compatible devices). Record and store high-resolution videos and pictures. This card is ready to face any harsh conditions as it is waterproof, temperature proof, shockproof. With data recovery software you can easily recover your data that you deleted by mistake.

Camera Backpacks\Bags

Having a camera with more gadgets is hard to carry without a bag. So, you need a backpack\ bag that can carry all your stuff and a backpack you can trust when it comes to your precious equipment

So, here are some cool backpacks\bags that are perfect for your beautiful camera gear;

1.      Beschoi DSLR Camera Backpack Waterproof:

This backpack can carry up to 2 DSLR cameras and up to 6 camera lenses with a lightweight monopod or tripod easily. It also has a separate location for a laptop or a notebook. It’s made of water-repellant nylon that protects your equipment in rainy weather. The dividends inside the bag are move-able that allow optimal storage.

2.      G-raphy Camera Backpack Waterproof:

This bag can hold one Camera with multiple Lenses. Just like the previous backpack, this one is also waterproof and has an extra storage compartment for a laptop or notebook. An additional feature this one comes with is a charging facility. It has a USB port that helps in charging your rechargeable devices.

3.      Peak Design Everyday Backpack 20L:

This backpack has all you need, comes with side access feature and with dual side access you can easily take out anything that is inside the bag. Extra storage compartment for laptop\notebook. Made with water-repellant nylon to protect your stuff from water. It comes with an external carry to attach a tripod or a coat with the bag.

4.      USA GEAR SLR Camera Backpack:

This backpack offers everything you need. The bag has plenty of storage for all your accessories so you. Adjustable dividers can be removed as well if you don’t need them. This bag comes with extra separate storage compartment for a 15.6’’ laptop or notebook. A storage compartment for almost everything is included in this backpack.  It is compatible with almost all DSLR cameras. And the best part is it is available for a lower price point.

Flash light\ Speed Light:

Flash lights\Speed lights are important when it comes to photography because sometimes the DSLR camera flash is not enough for low light pictures you need an extra light that can help you to capture perfect pictures even in low light conditions.

1.      VILTROX VL-162T CRI95+ LED Video Light

Top CAMERA Accessories

The VILTROX flash is compatible with all DSLR cameras. The LED has features like brightness dimmer and 4 color filters that can be easily installed. It comes with a battery and a charger that power it. There are 162 Powerful LEDs attached to it. Comes with an LCD display to guide you with battery remaining, brightness and color temperature readings.

2.      GEEKOTO Flash Speedlite

The GEEKOTO flash Speedlite is compatible with all DSLR cameras. You need 4x AA batteries to power it up. It has 8 manual light exposure modes with an LCD display to help you with what model suits you the most. It can be rotated to 90-degree vertically and 270- degrees vertically.

3.      Ritz Gear Digital Camera Flash

Top CAMERA Accessories

This flash comes with a bracket that makes it compatible with any available camera in the market. A good choice for indoor and outdoor photography. The Ritz Gear flash helps you to capture perfect pictures in all sorts of light conditions. This flash has 3 manual modes and powers with only 2 AA batteries.

Camera Straps:

Camera straps play a vital role in the protection of your precious camera. It protects it from falling from heights that may cause serious damage to your expensive camera, so without further ado, here a list of some cool camera straps to protect your camera from falling

MegaGear MG940 Cotton Strap:

Top CAMERA Accessories

This strap comes with universal compatibility and can be installed within seconds. Made of premium cotton makes it last longer. Comfortable cotton reduces arm and hand tension. It’s good looking and is available in multiple designs.

USA GEAR TrueSHOT Camera Strap:

Top CAMERA Accessories

Truly speaking this is a great looking strap. It provides full comfort to your neck and arms as it is made of the best neoprene cushion. It comes with small extra pockets where you can store your SD card and other small equipment. It is available in over 10 beautiful designs, choose what suits you right now. 

Coiro camera Strap for two cameras:

Top CAMERA Accessories

Do you want to carry more than 1 cameras at a time, and are you looking for a strap that can carry more than 1 at a time with more security and better design? Well, we might have what you are looking for, The Coiro strap for Two cameras. It is made of the best quality leather and is compatible with all DSLR’s. The ‘X’ design helps in dividing the weight equally on the side. Another feature of the design is that it can fit your body, no matter what type of body structure you have.

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AmazonBasics Padded Camera Hand Strap and Wrist Strap

Top CAMERA Accessories
Top CAMERA Accessories

The AmazonBasics padded camera Hand strap is a simple, decent looking Hand strap that can provide better security for your camera. It is compatible with any DSLR. The Strap can be adjusted according to your fit. The padded strap can provide you with full comfort while you are holding your camera.

Top CAMERA Accessories
Top CAMERA Accessories

The wrist strap is also compatible with any DSLR. It can fit almost everyone. The strap automatically tightens if your camera falls off your hand. It can handle up to 10 Kilos of weight. It is comfortable just like all other straps and is a good option if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on straps.

Other Accessories\ Gadgets:

Above mentioned were some must-have gadgets now let’s talk about some accessories that are no must have but have great advantages

LXH SD Cardholder:

Top CAMERA Accessories

If you have multiple SD cards, you may need extra storage to keep them managed. The LXH SD cardholder is a solution. It is 100% waterproof so even if it falls into the water you need not worry about your memory cards as they will be in a safe case. It can hold up to 12 SD cards and 12 Micro SD cards.

Altura Photo Professional Rain Cover:

Top CAMERA Accessories
Top CAMERA Accessories

Compatible with almost all DSLR cameras this Rain protector protects your camera from rain snow and similar conditions. Made of best quality nylon, which is a water repellant. It is easy to get the camera inside and outside this Rain cover.

MagicFiber Microfiber Cleaning Cloths:

Top CAMERA Accessories

Camera lens gets dirty with usage so to keep its best quality, it is important to keep it neat and clean. The magic fiber cleaning cloths are made of premium microfiber that cleans dust, fingerprints, oil, without putting not even a single scratch on your camera lens. It can be used for any glass surface; it is 100% safe and perfect solution to clean your stuff. It’s washable and re-useable.

Altura Photo Professional Cleaning Kit for DSLR Cameras:

Top CAMERA Accessories

Keep your camera clean with a complete cleaning set by Altura. This set comes with all the cleaning accessories you need to keep your camera lens and accessories clean. All the accessories in this set are non-toxic and are alcohol-free. You can use it not only for DSLR cameras but also for other sensitive electric equipment.

Tiffen UV Protection Filter:

Top CAMERA Accessories

UV lens protection are also one of important accessories you should have. The Tiffen UV protection filter not only protects your lens from UV rays, but also from scratches and other fingerprint spots, etc. So it is also a must-have item according to use!

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